Joseph is a dreamer and purpose guy. His life’s story has inspired thousands of people across Europe, Africa and America. From…

A fatherless, destitute and hopeless teenager to a First Class graduate and recipient of top university awards

Nearly dropping out of school to becoming the only child of 5 to obtain university education

The shacks of Lagos, hunger and extreme poverty to working for top European organizations…

Through a series of miraculous events, Joseph overcame significant life challenges to achieve what many told him was impossible.

In 2003, he moved to England where he pursued a Computer Science degree and graduated with several top academic awards, including The British Computer Society best student award and other university awards. His portrait hangs on the university’s gallery in recognition of his outstanding academic performance.


He has authored two books, Even in the Well (Paperback and Kindle) and Lines of Impact (free eBook). A passionate leadership enthusiast, coach and mentor to young leaders, he is extremely passionate about raising the next generation of leaders.

Joseph is also a passionate conference speaker and regularly engages with young people (and leaders) to help them shape their future.

He met the girl of his dream, Temi in 2002 and got married 7 years later through an amazing story of love and providence.  Together, they have their home in Germany and are blessed with gorgeous Isabel-Juda.

He blogs at every week where he writes about hope, purpose and living the God-intended life.

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