SELAH is a Christian devotional that’s more that… it’s a daily journey of God-intended grace and hope.

How It All Started…

The foundation for SELAH as a book was borne out of what started as a simple gesture of encouragement. 7 years ago, Joseph started sending daily text messages to a core group of half a dozen people in his cell group. His intention (to be short-lived at the time) was to encourage his small group a word of hope a day.

After 7 years, Joseph had sent thousands of text messages to a list that grew from 6 to over 100. His recipients loved it. Each day, many texted with words like

“You simply have no idea how your message came to my moment of contemplation and ministered to me”
“Today’s message just blessed and encouraged me. My soul is lifted”
“How did you know I was thinking of that?!”

During this time many encouraged, pushed and inspired him to collate and create a reading material that would reach and bless more people. In his word, Joseph says:

“I knew it was God speaking to me through them.”

It would take another 2 years to compile, refine, rework, edit and polish the content of this work. In the end, it’s been worth the wait!

Grace vs Law

How To Use This Book

Linger. Pause. Wait – that’s how to ‘read’ this book.

In the next 90 days, this book will call you to a deeper walk with God, give you a fresh perspective of grace and deliver a resounding echo of hope on your heart, every day. But you must not rush through it. Each daily reading presents you an encouragement and a Bible verse to ponder. It’s a step-a-time, a-day-by-day journey.

Some days you will be inspired and encouraged, some days you will be challenged and convicted, and other days you will simply wait – wait for and on God for more. Whichever day you’re on, be sure God has a word for you.

Perfect For…

SELAH is a perfect daily resource for individuals but fits very well with groups such as (but not limited to):

  • Christian Study Groups.
  • Students and Youth Groups (for discussions on key learnings).
  • Bloggers and writers with themes on grace and hope.

Want To Try Before You Buy?

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