“As a mother of two toddlers, I long to connect deeply with God, but find this difficult to accomplish. However, Joseph Iregbu’s devotional, SELAH, has helped me reconnect with the Lord amidst tantrums and teething. Each devotional is pithy, powerful, and provided plenty for me to ponder throughout the rest of my day. If your season of life leaves you little opportunity for “quiet time,” then allow SELAH to maximize your time in God’s presence, and to encourage you as you pursue deeper intimacy with the Lord.”  Tracy Steel, mom, speaker and author of Images of His Beauty.

“A fabulous devotional that will open your eyes to the BIG, LOVING GOD we serve.”  Sundi Jo, speaker and author of Dear Dad and Liar Liar.

“In the busyness of life it is very easy to rush through our days without taking a moment to be reminded of the awe of God. In SELAH, Joseph Iregbu calls the reader to pause and take a moment to breathe in the beauty of a God full of grace and mercy. You are introduced to a God that desires to connect with His creation daily. This book is full of such reminders. I highly recommend reading SELAH!”  Darin Sargent, Founder and President of ThumbUp Foundation, Pastor, Motivational Speaker and author of Rule of Thumb.

“This is not just another devotional book, it’s a journey. A journey that Joseph Iregbu has taken and is still on. SELAH will inspire and challenge you to both slow down and reflect, as well as seek to be God’s change agent in your world. This  book will cause you to soar to new heights in your walk with God.”  Dave Arnold, speaker, writer, refugee advocate and author of Pilgrims of the Alley: Living out Faith in Displacement (2013).

“In a world that thrives on staying busy and filling the void in our lives with noise, Joseph Iregbu’s SELAH offers us a moment to pause, quiet our souls, and reflect on the grace and hope of God. This 90 day devotional takes the reader on a journey of discovery – of finding out who God really is and what our purpose is in Him. If you long for quiet moments with Him or want to (re)discover what it is to walk with God, pick up a copy of SELAH today!  Denise Dilley, writer & blogger.

“As the old hymnal says, our God is an awesome God. With SELAH, Joseph Iregbu takes you on a 90-day journey to show you just how awesome our God really is.”  Tim Gallen, writer & blogger.

“For the next 90 days, SELAH will help you pause and ponder on God’s magnificent grace and hope for you. Joseph shares in this devotional what for him has been a seven year journey in preparation. Your personal relationship with God will grow deeper and your outlook as a believer will be rejuvenated.”  Maureen Bomett, hope agent & writer.

“In SELAH, Joseph’s daily words of encouragement, hope, and wisdom will inspire you to keep your eyes and heart focused on the Beautiful One!”  Eileen Knowles, mom, writer and author of A Mistake Maker’s Manifesto.

Stop and listen! SELAH calls us to take time to stop and listen to God’s words of grace and hope. In this 90 day devotional, Joseph Iregbu takes the reader on an uplifting journey of encouragement and truth for daily living. Each day, SELAH offers a word for reflection and scripture pointing readers to a renewed vision and understanding of grace and hope.  SELAH will inspire you.”  Jon Stolpe, writer & blogger, Stretched.

“Looking for a quick, yet inspiring devotional? Selah: A 90-Day Journey of Grace and Hope is just what you need. Filled with promises and inspiration, and backed up with scripture, Joseph encourages you to rest in God’s loving arms and trust him with everything. Embark on a journey of hope!”  Tammy Helfrich, author of Becoming a LifeChanger.


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