I am reminded of the many days and years before this very moment as we grew up together, serving as heads of departments in our local church. We were a bunch of energetic and passionate teenagers. Joseph’s message had always been clear. What he stood for couldn’t be missed.

We had something in common in the faith we both profess – the message of hope. A man beset by many troubles then, has risen above the seemly deep waters.

Joseph is a man we must together salute and carefully listen to and read his words.  He had settled very early on in life that it was either God or well… God. There was no other option. I think we ought to listen to such a man.

We should listen to a man that walks the walk and still talks the talk despite the many misfortunes and setbacks he encountered along the way; asking him questions on how he has excelled so far.

In this 90-day devotional, you will be regularly refreshed with words of hope and a consistent message that grace is available and we must hope in God, and not give up regardless of the circumstances we find ourselves in.

This would stir up your faith and help you pick up yourself every time you feel less than you are.

This devotional reiterates the message of the Bible. It brings the ultimate message of a loving Father to you. It tells you of the writer’s personal and life experiences and it does not mince words. If you carefully ponder on these and prayerfully seek God’s help, you will not be far off. You will be encouraged to hold on and wait for your breakthroughs.

A devotional on grace and hope should remind us that success in this journey has little to do with us but all to do with God. The little we have to do is to follow the Lord’s instructions.

Devotionals like this one should clearly show God at the center of everything and that we are brought into the picture. It must remind us that the Lord helps, keeps and watches over us. The words written in the Scriptures are ever so true; that it is in Him we live, move and have our being.

Our impossibilities become possible because of the grace bestowed upon us, emphatically expressing His graciousness. When one talks about the grace of God, all these cannot be missing and Joseph, through this devotional, has done just that.

A devotional on grace and hope must regularly remind us that we must believe, hold on and not give up.  A devotional like this must not fail to mention situations when fig trees do not blossom or the vines fail to produce fruits and that in those times one must still rejoice, one must hope, one must wait until the desired change comes. This devotional again has done just that.

Joseph, by the help and guidance of the Lord has written messages to ponder for 90 days and as I read the manuscript, I concluded that this devotional must be by my bedside. I will flip through the pages, I will open any page at random.  I will scribble and wait patiently.

As you read the words of this book, I charge you to decide not only to live, but live well. I ask you to rise above the challenges that stand against you. The message of grace and hope emphasizes the verse of the Bible — “if God be for us then who can be against us.” 

So be reassured that you have the backing of the Mighty God.

As you read and contemplate deeply on the inspired words of this devotional, I encourage you to prayerfully and patiently wait until you see the results you desire. I pray that as you journey through this book, Christ will indeed be formed in you and your character will emulate the One to whom all knees will bow.

Many blessings,

Kunle Oyeneye