A Different Kind of 90 Days…

SELAH is more than a book – it’s a journey of life. It’s about a daily walk with an awesome God who gives grace to the lost and hope to the hopeless.

In the next 90 days, I urge you to find your spot and be ready to linger. Some days you will be inspired and encouraged, some days you will be challenged and convicted, and other days you will simply wait – wait for and on God for more. Whichever day you’re on, be sure God has a word for you.

This devotional will call you to believe, to hope and to rest in God.

Our world is full of many reasons to give up and lose hope but you don’t have to. There is every reason to think the world is caving in on you, but it is not. You may have convinced yourself God is not on your side, but He is.

Who This Book Is For

This book isn’t for everyone – not even for every ‘Christian’. Are you:

  • Seeking growth in your personal walk with God?
  • In a hopeless situation?
  • Seeking truth in the midst of the many lies we are surrounded with?
  • In need of inspiration and spiritual transformation?
  • Seeking to live the life that matters?
  • Doubting your faith?
  • Seeking… seeking for purpose to life, seeking for meaning to it all?

If that’s you, then this book is for you.

Never Stop Dreaming

What This Book Is NOT

This book is a Christian devotional. It is NOT:

  • A  quick-fix, self-help guide.
  • A “7-step guide to salvation” book.
  • A novel.
  • Your typical non-fiction.

Why You Need It

God calls us to a close walking relationship with Him. The God-intended life is a journey – a lifelong journey of grace. Throughout this journey, we are required to pause, reflect and ponder…

ponder the awesomeness of grace and receive hope and courage for the journey ahead.

This book explores biblical promises, verses and principles with a resounding call to those already on the journey to never give up. And it calls seekers to come on board this lifelong journey of grace and hope.

Welcome to a different kind of 90 days!