Book Reviews & Interviews

Here’s a list of book reviews and interviews on SELAH:

Book Reviews

Darin Sargent – Busyness

Denise Dilley – Take Time to Pause

Maureen Bomett – Open and Uncut

Jon Stolpe – Ice Breaker – Reading

Tim Gallen – A 90-Day Journey Begins Today

Jon Stolpe – Book Review: SELAH by Joseph Iregbu

Caleb Suko – SELAH: Book Review

Tim Gallen – Do not lose hope: a review of SELAH

Christine Niles – How Can You Mend A Cluttered Heart?

Kunle Oyeneye – Celebrating Joseph

Sundi Jo – The Power of a Dream


Eileen Knowles – Turning Problems Into Possibilities

Darin Sargent – An Interview With Joseph Iregbu

Tracy Steel – SELAH: A 90 Day Journey of Grace and Hope

Dave Arnold – Interview with author Joseph Iregbu

Vlog Review

Lincoln Parks – SELAH – Anything can happen in 90 days


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