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Want to help get the word out about SELAH? I am thrilled you are here! We are open to new ideas on how word can spread about the book but here are some quotes you can tweet:

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“Grace begins, remains and ends at Calvary.” – Tweet

“Seek no fame, pursue no filthy gain, but receive grace to live life to the full.” – Tweet

“The presence of problem is not the problem. The problem is our failure to see beyond the problem.” – Tweet

“God will finish it!” – Tweet

“You were ultimately made for this very purpose: to love God.” – Tweet

“When you release yourself to Him, He unleashes His best to you.” – Tweet

“Our faith cannot be strengthened until we are stretched. Our hope cannot be proven until we have been through fire.” – Tweet

“Life is a journey, not a dwelling. Quit living like you will be here forever; you won’t.” – Tweet

“The true tapestry of greatness is woven in the hearts of those that are in passionate pursuit of the great God of greatness.” – Tweet

“The law gives you a compass and pokes you… but grace gives you a compass and leads you home”- Tweet

“Let your life be all about God and His purpose for your life. Nothing else.” – Tweet

“Welcome every new day as a blessing from the Lord, and if He let you see it, He will take you through it.” – Tweet

“The door of hope is open for you today.” – Tweet

“Being mindful of your continual need for grace is the one thing that will enable you to maintain humility.” – Tweet

“Do not despise your trials; rather, embrace them, knowing that God allows them for a purpose.” – Tweet

“Rise up. Leave a footprint. Make your mark that reads {Your name} was here.” – Tweet

“Yes, you can make a difference, if you live differently! Wield your influence today.” – Tweet

“God is not in the business of teasing His children to make mockery of them – no true father does that.” – Tweet

“You need the troubles for the testimonies and the problems for the possibilities.” – Tweet

“The greater the anointing on your life, the bigger your need for grace to fulfill God’s purpose for your life.” – Tweet

“Your life is a loan…someday the Lender will request that you pay back everything, with interest.” – Tweet

“God dwarfs all of life’s troubles. Do not believe your problems are bigger than God.” – Tweet

“Greatness is never achieved within the scope of mediocrity.” – Tweet

“Discover your purpose, then pursue it and live it out. When you have done that, give others a platform to do the same.” – Tweet

“No matter how bad your story is today, you can become an inspiration to others tomorrow.” – Tweet

“God first, God last, God in-between. Let your life be all about God and His purpose for your life. Nothing else.” – Tweet

“Don’t waste your life.” – Tweet

“If you fail to discover your God-intended purpose, insignificant activities will occupy your time.” – Tweet

“Rise up and do what you were born to do: become God’s agent of change.” – Tweet

“Become the man or woman God means for you to be. Unpack your potential and get to work.” – Tweet

“The true mark of a champion is having the courage to stay committed to a dream in the face of significant challenges.” – Tweet

“You are the World Changer this dark world truly needs.” – Tweet

“Pain is not a great feeling but it perfects us and beautifies our lives.” – Tweet

“Change agents give up something to gain more. Leaders sacrifice something to win more.” – Tweet

“How committed to purpose are you today?” – Tweet

“When you stop dreaming, you stop living.” – Tweet

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